The Wiki Hostel, Zagarolo, Rome

May 2, 2017 |

There are many hostels in Rome, but we guarantee none will give you the same authentic experience as the Wiki Hostel.


From our first communications to the last we have have felt a part of the community. The hostel which is located in the small community of Zagarolo was the most welcoming and homely hostel we have ever stayed in. Everyone of the staff here were so helpful and accommodating to every need and ensured we maximized our time in Rome, as well as Zagarolo. Everyday they provided us with suggestions on things to do, how to experience authentic Roman experiences as well as showing us their beautiful town of Zagarolo. What we shared in our Rome Blog is only a fraction of the sights we were recommended by the friendly staff. You can see the passion and love they have for Rome and the town Zagarolo and they really do want to share it with you.

The main activities that we took part in at theWiki Hostel were a FREE Sunday walking tour, A Friday night pizza party and a FREE Monday night pasta party.

The Sunday walking tour is a great way to relax in the town of Zagarolo and immerse yourself in its history. We wandered the old town with others staying at the hostel learning about all the unique architecture and history of this town which is perched on a narrow hill between valleys. The town is also known for it’s wine and organic produce from the surrounding farms. In fact on the walking tour of the town we ended up at the local Sunday farmers market where we found in season vegetables, freshly made pasta, mouth watering cheese and salami fit for a Roman Cesar.

The pizza and pasta parties were amazing! They don’t just make the pizza and pasta for you and call it a party…here they get you involved in the entire process so that you get the true Italian experience. Everyone has a role, whether it be to dice the carrots, chop the onion or stir the sugo (italian sauce). At one point there were 20 people in the kitchen! The best part was when locals from Zagarolo joined us for dinner, it was evident how much of a family affair both cooking and eating are! One by one they would all come in and taste the sauce to check it for salt and give their opinions of how to make it better. Italians feast with passion and every step of the process is essential to Italian culture. Both nights started with cooking with other hostel guests and ended with fun conversations and getting to know people from around the world with a locally made Vino.

If you are thinking of visiting Rome but also want an inviting cultural experience we definitely recommend staying at the Wiki hostel. After hours walking the streets of Rome we were always so happy to hop on the train and escape the chaos back to our new family at the wiki Hostel. Don’t be put off by the location out of the city because there is a reason it is the Hostelworld highly rated hostel in Rome, if you are looking for a more relaxed and authentic experience in Rome we know you wont be disappointed by the Wikihostel.