What are the types of online casino offers in Australia?

September 20, 2022 |

What are the types of online casino offers in Australia?

Any gambler tries to create the most favorable conditions for its users. Bonuses are the most effective way to influence both new players and regular visitors. Gamblers are waiting for interesting online casino offers. Let’s focus on each type of bonus separately and consider what advantages it provides us.

Welcome offer for players

Such gifts are most common. They are offered to gamblers who have looked at the online platform for the first time and have passed all registration procedures. The amount of accrual is determined by the policy of each particular gaming club. As a rule, gambling establishments offer the following options.

The casino deposit bonus

It is also referred to as a match bonus. In any reputable institution, there is a similar kind of online casino bonus. To get it, the gamer will have to replenish his gaming account for a certain amount of money. It is usually small. Then the playground charges a percentage for replenishment, it can be one hundred percent or more. The listed conditions may vary depending on the club’s policy. Sometimes gamers are offered not a monetary reward, but free spins. They are also worth reading in more detail.

No deposit bonus casino

It occurs after downloading the client program to the computer, as well as after registration. This bonus is characterized by smaller sizes. In addition, it will not be possible to transfer it to the card immediately. Most sites require you to win back a certain number of bets or a round.

Periodic bonuses for gamblers

In order to attract as many players as possible, periodic bonuses are provided at some sites, acting on par with registration incentives. Their main goal is to achieve maximum activity from users.

Such bonuses can be awarded on weekends, once a week, or once a month. Their size and frequency are determined by the casino administration. Such gifts can be both deposit and no deposit. Many playgrounds provide periodic best casino bonuses for depositing funds on weekends or holidays.

In order to receive and withdraw any type of promotion, you need to carefully read the rules of each individual site. 

Exclusive bonus offers

Exclusive bonus offers

Most gambling establishments prefer to lavish such privileges on newcomers. To do this, they only need to register in the system by clicking on the promotional link.

Recently, the trend for exclusive prizes with the introduction of a casino bonus code has been gaining popularity. But often such a scheme also affects only novice players. But for experienced gamblers, there is a loyalty program that provides for an account with a partner casino. This method is not yet used too often by the creators of gambling platforms.

An exclusive bonus can mean both classic no deposit bonus casino offers with good conditions, or something completely unique. At one time, there was a practice of assigning the best online casino bonus to ordinary players who were assigned the temporary status of a high roller. But this policy has not taken root well.

Reload bonus for repeated deposits

Many online casinos also have bonuses for re-depositing funds to the balance. After the player has replenished his account, the casino is ready to add a certain percentage to the amount – from ten to a hundred. Each institution has its own unique conditions for accrual and withdrawal of the reload bonus, they should be clarified in advance with specialists.

Free spins

With the help of free spins, everyone can play on several slot machines without using personal money. As a rule, such incentive affects the most popular slots. Getting them to play blackjack or roulette is much more problematic. But if you carefully search the current casino offers of large casinos, you can find interesting solutions for unsuitable entertainment.

By themselves, free spins are considered no deposit bonuses. Experts call their main advantage the fact that you can refuse to pre-top up your account. Even a zero balance will not be an obstacle if a gamer has received free spins, for example, for registering without replenishing the account.

Despite the demand for this method of attracting customers, such privileges may also be intended for regular users. They only need to fulfill all the wagering conditions and get the desired present.

The referral bonus for attracting a friend

Very often, such encouragement is not considered separately, since it is absent on many gambling sites in Australia. The meaning of the bonus offer is that the player receives a reward by inviting new users to the casino. The institution sets the number of privileges and conditions individually. Some sites provide a fixed amount of such encouragement. Other casinos take a percentage of the bets made by new players. In some situations, the casino requires a beginner not only to go through registration procedures but also to score a certain number of points during the specified period. Then the present awaits both the one who invited a friend and a new player.

Fixed bonuses

Fixed bonuses include all types of rewards and casino bonus codes that have a clearly defined amount. You can use it to increase the deposit amount. Best casino bonuses that are provided at an interest rate do not apply to them. The real sizes are up to $300. If more, it is worth checking the site for honesty. The bonus for the first, second, and third deposits, the last, and the high roller are fixed. It is possible to get them by fulfilling a number of conditions – registration on the website, and the presence of a certain amount on deposit.

A fixed bonus is provided to the player in the form of a clearly defined amount to increase the deposit, the size of which ranges from $30 to $200. There is also a limitation on increasing the size of the deposit. For example: for $200, but not more than $2000.

Sometimes a fixed reward is also called “sticky” or “phantom” – it is always provided in the form of a certain amount of money. The essence of such an online casino bonus is that the funds provided can only be used to make gaming bets.

Refund of part of the funds – cashback

Its meaning is that the gambler receives a certain compensation in case of a series of losses, so the casino comforts him. The bonus amount is not very large, the percentage is set by each site individually. In some clubs, you need to fulfill a number of conditions that allow you to count on the instruction of cashback:

  • regularly lose for a month,
  • lose on certain days,
  • lose a certain amount of money, etc.

Sometimes, fans of a particular slot or those who play at a certain time receive a refund – online slots bonus.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses

If a player wants to deposit money into his account, then it is worth checking with the technical support staff if there is no gift for the chosen method of transferring money. Very often clubs encourage a certain option. At the same time, the gambler is given not just a percentage for replenishment, but he also retains the right to various types of rewards in the club.

Sometimes gambling sites limit the number of bonuses for replenishment, offering the user to choose one of several suggested options.

The presence of a return bonus indicates that the playground has signed an agreement with a certain payment system. Thanks to this, the gamer can deposit funds quickly, comfortably, and without unnecessary difficulties with a minimum commission.

Presents for high rollers

High rollers are people who regularly place bets on large amounts. Just for them, an online casino is ready to offer a separate type of reward – high roller bonuses. As a rule, the difference lies in a larger percentage or in a larger amount of privileges.

If a person plays on average bets, then such a bonus is not available for him. Only after a long period of playing at significant stakes can he get such a right.

In some casinos, there is no money reward for high rollers. Then the casino is ready to offer the best conditions to get a standard bonus.

Bonus points

Some gaming clubs are ready to award bonus points to their players. This happens automatically. Such a fixed reward depends on how many bets the player has made. Each casino has its own peculiarities in using this type of promotion. The collected points are easily exchanged for coins or chips. Sometimes online casinos in Australia allow them to be converted into real funds at a ratio of one to a thousand.

In order to retain regular users and attract new players, many clubs develop all kinds of loyalty programs. In order to take part in them, the player will have to fulfill several conditions, they are individual for each casino. It can be substantial sums of money, extra points, etc.

Final word

This article was about the most popular bonuses. However, each individual casino is ready to offer its own online casino bonus programs to users. There are also unique bonuses, free play presents, and much more. In order to learn more about them and receive them in the future, you need to carefully read the rules and ask support staff questions about bonuses. Good luck!