How to exercise while travelling

January 13, 2017 |
exercise while travelling

How to ‘exercise’ while travelling Exercising while travelling should be fun and simple. Try to think of it more as physical activity, rather than ‘exercise’, and choose activities that you enjoy. Below are some examples of exercises that you can choose while you are travelling that are both good for your health and fun! Don’t …

Travelling with an auto-immune disease: Tips and tricks on how to stay healthy

December 9, 2016 |
Travelling with an auto-immune disease

(Photo by wanderlustaussies) What is an autoimmune disease? The body’s immune system protects us from disease and infection by attacking bad bacteria in the body. An autoimmune disease is when the immune system is unable to recognise the difference between good and bad bacteria, mistakenly attacking healthy cells and affecting many parts of the body. …