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We are two Australians travelling the world and sharing some amazing unique locations and experiences around the world. We are budget travelers and to be frank we wouldn’t have it any other way. We like the social nature of hostels and simplicity of affordable accommodation. After all we are in it to see the sights we are visiting rather than spend time in a comfortable hotel. We enjoy blogging about all things travel to give an insight into our digital nomad life while sharing tips and tricks that we learn along the way. 

Blogging and social media is an effective way to share a story and it is why it is a perfect way for brands to extend their marketing reach in a more organic and authentic way. As digital nomads we have and are always on the look out to team up with brands that align both with our interests and our values.

Our Interests:  
Travel (dah)
Healthy Living

Our core values:        

If your brand has aligned interests and beliefs we would love to work with you in one or more of the ways listed below. 

Digital Story telling

Let us share your product or service with our readers, we will give an authentic, factual and visual representation of your product. 

Photography and content creation 

High resolution photography to be used on your digital channels. 

Brand Representation

Ambassadors for your product travel venue by promoting it through social media 

The numbers (as of April 20, 2017)

Our page resonates most with users between 18-35 with a fairly even gender split. We have an increasingly growing audience. Since going live In October we have seen continual growth in the popularity of both our social sites and Blog and expect this trend to continue as we produce more and improved content as well as add additional social media channels (Pinterest and YouTube). 



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