Christmas in Australia

December 22, 2016 |

Christmas in Australia, it’s not what you may be used to…Many travellers who find themselves down under during this festival season often find themselves saying “it’s just so hot, it doesn’t feel like Christmas!” But maybe they just don’t know what a real Christmas is until they do it like a true Australian. Below are the essential elements that make Christmas in Australia the best in the world.

The Barbie (BBQ)

​​Because Australian’s love being outdoors, we love putting a few snags (sausages) or prawns (Also known as shrimp by those who love to quote crocodile Dundee) on a sizzling hotplate as we sweat profusely and swat away fly’s with the hand not holding onto the VB can.

Backyard Cricket

As someone within the extended family has received a backyard cricket set for Christmas, it’s the perfect time to put that plastic bat to good use. Many backpackers or travelers may question how you may play the “five day” game of cricket in between the meat and salads, but really its quite simple. Find some stumps, we recommend either a wheelie bin or an Eski with a cardboard box on top. At this point you should be at a park, dead end street, backyard or at the beach, anywhere with enough room that doesn’t result in instant 6 and outs.

The Beach

Unlike the stereotype, not all Australians are fortunate to be stone throw away from the beach, but for those who are, it serves as the perfect way to either the start or finish Christmas day. Remember though, the UV is pretty strong down here, so Slip Slop Slap, unless of course you want to end up as red as Rudolph’s nose.

Kris Kringle

Lets face it, know really needs more crap for Christmas and if you really want it, you would have bought it yourself! So in an effort to reduce the crap we buy each other, it’s an Australian tradition to run a Kris Kringle among work colleagues, friends and even families. It essentially means you only buy 1 decent present rather than a present for everybody. To start a KK, give the group a budget, put all names into a hat and pick out your KK. You will only need to buy a present for this person 🙂

Snow men, made out of sand

Although not the most popular Australian tradition, for those who have across the seas to find our you are a little nostalgic and missing home, we can offer the suggestion of making your snowmen out of sand! We recommend not using carrots as there are some pretty hungry Ibis birds and sea gulls around this time of year.

Mosquito squashing and fly Swatting

With hot weather, comes fly’s and mosquito’s and depending on the taste of your blood you will already be familiar with these annoying bastards. Whilst repellent is recommended, thongs also serve a second purpose as the best fly swatters money can buy.

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